4 Easy Hacks that Will Turn You into a Tomato Soup Pro

Tomato soup recipes don’t have to be plain and simple. But they should always be quick and easy. From the type of tomatoes to the best add-ins, this tomato soup guide will help you achieve perfection. Once you have mastered the basics of making a tomato soup, you will need the following tricks to take it to the next level. Is there a level above perfection? Read on!


#1 Using Roux to Thicken Your Tomato Soups

Besides standard dairy thickeners like double cream, cream cheese, or soured cream, and non-dairy thickeners like arrowroot, nutritional yeast, or mashed potato, there is another option to make your soup creamy, while adding extra flavor.

Roux is a mixture made of melted fat and flour but can be rather tricky to use in soups. If you add the soup liquid too fast, the flour will develop lumps. So, instead of pouring liquid directly into the roux, start by sprinkling flour over your veggies while sautéing them. This way you’ll be sure that the flour is evenly distributed and won’t form lumps. Simmer the soup well in order to avoid floury taste.

Another option is to use bacon fat for your roux. However, simply pouring the grease used to fry bacon won’t do. The fat will end up floating on the surface of the tomato soup. Instead, mix some flour and water in a bowl and whisk well, until there are no lumps. Pour into warm bacon fat and heat, stirring frequently, until thickened.

#2 Cooking Tips for Quick Tomato Soup Recipes


Covering the pot with a lid traps the heat inside the pot, making the liquid cook faster. Keep the lid on as long as possible.


For best results, blend together roasted tomatoes together with the juice, and some fresh tomato puree. This way you’ll ensure that your soup is really creamy and smooth. An immersion blender is the best tool for this job because it allows you to blend the soup directly into the pot instead of blending batches one by one.

#3 Quick Add-Ins for Tomato Soups


Tomato soup loves cheese! But what is the best time to add it? If you add it during cooking it might curdle, so it is best to add grated cheese on top of the soup after it has been served in bowls and is still hot. The cheese will melt nicely. Alternatively, cheesy twist can be added by using nutritional yeast. This ingredient, as mentioned before, is mixed with water and used as a thickener, contributing a salty and cheesy flavor at the same time.


Italian tomato soup recipes often include meatballs. When in a rush, use a sausage in a casing to make instant meatballs. Slice the casing and squeeze enough meat to form a small ball by rolling it between your palms. Repeat until you run out of meat. Place these meatballs directly into the soup to simmer.


#4 Cold or Hot Tomato Soup?


Some tomato soup recipes are meant to be eaten cold. Take Gazpacho for instance. This popular Spanish variety of tomato soup is always eaten chilled, as a refreshing dish during summer. For a quick chill, purée several ice cubes together with some of the other ingredients in a blender or a food processor, then add this mixture to the soup.


However, if you are more into hot tomato soups, heat it quickly and efficiently by placing the liquid (stock or water) in the microwave while chopping or sautéing the vegetables. The soup will cook in no time.

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