Pancake Burgers Are Real!

If you are fed up with same old same old pancake recipes, and even more fed up with burgers made with stale bread buns, then pancake burgers are just what you need. This recently developed manner of preparing burgers has never failed to render great results and once you see how awesome these pancakes could be, they will become your go-to recipe for neighborhood barbecues and picnics.

The Pancake Recipe

The best part about the pancake burger is that you can choose your favorite pancake recipe and make things more interesting by experimenting with the burger patties. However, if you are bold enough, you can experiment with both the hotcakes and the meat. You can find inspiration among these great pancake recipes, or, simply ask your mom, or a more experienced friend to help you with the first batch. What I like doing is toast some sesame seeds and top the pancake, which is going to be on top of the burger, with them. Alternatively, you can even go as far as to fold the sesame seeds into the batter. The result will be a crunchy nut flavored pancake that will beat a regular burger bun any day.


The Pancake Burger Patty

Now, let’s face it, even if you have the perfect pancake recipe up your sleeve and prepare the best pancakes ever, the meat is the star of the panburger. So, let’s see some of the things you should bear in mind.

The meat

The best burger patty starts with the best meat. For that reason, it would be great if you could just grind the meat at home. You can do this either with a manual meat grinder, or simply get one of those meat grinder attachments for electric mixers. The grind should be thick so that you can create a nice patty.

The seasoning

Don’t forget to season your patties. Besides the usual salt and black pepper, go ahead and add cayenne pepper, onion powder and cumin as well. You can also add eggs and breadcrumbs depending on the texture you want to get.

The chilling out process

Once your patties for this unusual pancake recipe are done, make sure you keep them in the fridge at least an hour prior to putting them on the griddle. This will not allow the meat’s fat to melt, and it is precisely the fat that is the best thing about burgers, don’t you agree J?

The layering process

Be sure to form the patties a little bit smaller than the pancakes. Get one hotcake, add a slice of cheddar cheese, layer it with the burger patty, add a slice of fried bacon and only then top everything off with the second hotcake (which has previously been topped with toasted sesame seeds).

Go ahead and prepare a panburger next time you and your family are having a backyard party. Everyone will be thrilled at the prospect of trying these unusual pancakes.


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