Two Ingredient Pancakes: They Are Real and They Are Here!

Before you disregard this post as a hoax, I will tell you: they are REAL! And, they save you time AND money! So, without further ado, here are the two ingredients that will make it happen: eggs and bananas. These are the magical words, and now let us see whether this pancake recipe is the answer to your prayers, or maybe you’ll be praying for a different one!

Two Ingredient Pancake Recipe


Get one medium ripe banana and 2 large eggs. Thoroughly mash the banana using a fork until you get a pudding-like consistency. In the end, the banana should fit into half a cup, then add the eggs and stir until everything is completely combined. Now, remember this, usually, pancake recipes state that a few lumps in the batter are ok, but with these pancakes there should be no lumps. Don’t be startled if the pancake batter looks like whisked eggs, it is the way it is supposed to look like. Don’t be tempted to leave the pancakes in the pan for 2-3 minutes like you usually do, a minute per side is just fine. And one final tip, make these babies a bit smaller than the regular ones, they will be easier to flip, and will need less time to get cooked.

Why You Should Prepare These Pancakes

Well, apart from the obvious reason: they are inexpensive, these pancakes are also very easy to prepare and will take up only a fraction of the time you would usually need to prepare a batch.

Ok, I think I have just described every recipe in this easy pancake recipes collection, so maybe you will need a little more convincing. Well, the fact that these pancakes are gluten and dairy free might be a selling point.

The final outcome is a pillowy soft pancake that is nothing like the regular pancakes. These hotcakes taste like bananas and they literally melt in your mouth. Drizzle some maple syrup on top, or better still, add chocolate syrup. There’s no combination better than chocolate and bananas, at least not in my book. J

Upgrade the Pancake Recipe

If you are not one to be convinced with something that only looks like pancakes but tastes like bananas, then maybe you should consider upgrading the recipe. Well, this might be seen as cheating, but it really isn’t. The pancake base will still be comprised of only 2 ingredients, and we can view all the other ingredients as add-ins and toppings.

Chocolate chips, chopped nuts, and fresh berries (blueberries, strawberries or raspberries) will make every bite even more flavorful and will ensure a great texture. So, if you want to use some of these add-ins, then fold them into the batter just before you flip the pancake, and if you opt for chopped nuts, toasting them would be a great idea.

Finally, top the stack with a dollop of whipped cream, or for a summery touch, with a dollop of ice cream.


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